Our Gallery

Here you will find some of our favorite clients, some before & Afters with On the Job photos.  Enjoy!!


  1. Flying Pig, Oceanside
  2. 278 Restaurant, Hillcrest
  3. Mad House Comedy Club, San Diego
  4. Bull & Grain, Hillcrest
  5. Flying Pig, Vista
  6. Red Card Cafe, San Diego
  7. Qdoba, Williston, ND
  8. MU&E, Watford City, ND

278 Restaurant Before & Afters

  1. Deep Fryer "Before"
  2. 278 Restaurant in Hillcrest
    278 Restaurant in Hillcrest
  3.  Dining Area "Before"
    Dining Area "Before"
    What to keep, fix and get rid of???
  4. Dining Area "After"
    Dining Area "After"
    Ohhhh, look at the "After"!!! What a great group of people, putting all this together!
  5. Kitchen Before
    Kitchen Before
    Lots to do here!!
  6. Kitchen "After"
    Kitchen "After"
    Getting there! Almost ready for cooking!!
  7. Ice Machine Install
    Ice Machine Install
    Hard at work, this Restaurant will need ALOT of ice!!
  8. Inspection calls for an updated Water Heater
    Inspection calls for an updated Water Heater
    MacGyver Mechanical at the rescue, Old water heater removed, New one installed and the building contractors added a roof! Teamwork!! :-)

278 Restaurant Before & Afters

  1. Salamander
    Needs a little elbow grease and fine tuning!! Yes!! We do that too!
  2. 278 Restaurant in Hillcrest
    278 Restaurant in Hillcrest
    Checking all the connections, look at the salamander now!
  3. Cold side
  4. Cold side, MacGyver made tops!
  5. Kitchen "After"
    Kitchen "After"
    Ready for business!
  6. Bar area "After"
    Bar area "After"
    Soft Opening Time!!
  7. All Ready!
  8. And look at the great food!!! :-)

Bull & Grain Before & Afters

  1. Bull & Grain in Hillcrest
  2. Hood Vent Cleaning
  3. Hood Vent "After"
  4. Hood Vent "After"
  5. Old Grease Trap taken out from under sink in kitchen
  6. New grease trap put into place!

           Red Card Cafe

  1. Red Card Café in San Diego
  2. Installing Sinks
  3. Replacing Entire hood Vent, bringing up to the roof!
  4. Whew, that was heavy!!!
  5. Replaced water heater
  6. Walk in cooler
    Walk in cooler
    Replaced door gaskets, painted floor, hung dividers