Commercial, Residential, Farm Equipment (AC), Vehicles

-Air Conditioning  -Heating
-Plumbing & Electrical Repairs
-Refrigerated Transport Vehicles
-Water Heater Repair, Installations
-Fire Place Conversions


-Pre-Inspection on Restaurant Start-ups
(Includes inspecting & testing of all equipment with recommendations to pass all Inspections)  

-Hood Vent Cleaning
-Beverage Systems
-Cooler Racks & Doors
-Ice Machines
-Reach Ins  -Walk Ins
-Fryers  -Grills  -Ovens
-Glass Chillers
-Bar Coolers  -Keg Coolers
-Refrigerated Deli Case
-Yogurt Machines
-Pizza Oven Cleaning
        -And more....


Authorized Service and Repair Technicians, EPA licensed & Insured
All major Brands
***Specializing in Restaurant Equipment
Warranty Service, Installation & Repair